Sunday, February 8, 2009


I did not bail on the blog, im sorry people. My computer was at the doctors for a month and now Im back!


So im back to writing the blog and im just happy to have my connection to the world again.

so here we go again.....

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

damn it to hell!!

Well the memorial service for my 2 fallen friends was yesterday. it was nice and not too long. they had a slide show and it made me cry to see pics of them.
Now instead of sad im in pain. Cause my body decided "oh lets make your life horrible and unbearable". I got an infection behind my knee and it got soo huge. i went to the doctors and they cut it and drained it. ICKY. they put me on a shit ton of antibiotics and i can hardly walk. Life sucks right now. So now i limb everywhere i go and it hurts like a bitch. So that means i wont be rolling out for a while. I DONT WANT TO BE A FABet (someone who never leaves the camp to go outside the wire).
Thats all for now

Sunday, February 4, 2007

WOW time

Hello everyone,
Im sorry its been a long while since i wrote anything. you could sat that i didnt have the spark or the time to do so. and again i apoligize.
Well what have i been up to? a lot acctually or i could say that a lot has happened in the last 2 months. In january i turned 21, YAY, but did nothing on by birthday for what can u do on your 21st in a combat zone? sleep in, watch movies and try not to get bored. Not much happened outside the wire. found a couple dead bodies here and there but not much. I think we actually had someone shoot at us but they got away. now to Feb.
Its only been 4 days since the begining of the month and already i wish it never had started. I lost two friends on Friday cause of an accident on base. not by getting shot at or blown up, they drowned in a creek off the side of the road. there 4 ton Humvee rolled off the road and landed in the creek and they drowned cause no one got to them in time. And this was a road that almost everyone goes down on. I dont understand how they could of died like that. it scares me. and i miss them very much.
I got some good news in all of this saddnes, our time here is cut a little short. Not a huge amount but a lot. Instead of leaving on the 27th of June it will be the 10th so i will be in Hawaii by at least the 13th and home sooner than before. I soo cant wait.
But thats all i got right now and agian sorry for not writting

Saturday, December 30, 2006

I just love the army! (yeah right)

So i took a PT test over here in iraq (which makes no sence to me) and failed. Hum..imagine that. Someone in a combat zone, who goes outside the wire ever other day failed a PT test. Man, sometimes the army has no brains. So now im mad...grrr

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well then whats new?

Well christmas is done and over with. I would have to say this has been the dullest, most boring and the sadest christmas i have ever had. First im over here in iraq. Second instead of letting us do our own thing, the comander thought that it would be "great" to have a Company get together thing and play volleyball and stuff like that. Ok give me a break. We see each other almost everyday and now your forcing us to see each other more against our will. And i dont like it cause no one really talks to me or interacts with me so why would i want to spend a day with people who dont want to spend it with me and hope i just go away.
Well that was just peachy. So if u had a good christmas or whatever u celibrate thats good. if not im sorry and hope your new year is better. all take care

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Working on Christmas

Well the army screwed me over big time...i have to work christmas day. OH joy
I had to put this up in a hurry cause i have been working a lot and havent had time. Plus the internet sucks over here.
Weird thought of the day... What would happen if we got rid of all the stupid people in the world?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hello all!

well hello good people of this world,
I decided to start a blog just to get things off my chest. To see if im not the only person with weird thoughts about certain things and just to rant about my life.
To give you a little info about myself (but not alot) im in the army, in iraq right now. so i will try to explain things as best i can. I will be calling myself "Cheza" in this blog but other than that. oh and i am pagan so i will be talking about that so dont get offended all u christians out there.
All i can say is thanks for reading and hope to get good feedback.

So for my first thought of the day......I saw the trailer for the newest "Die Hard" movie and was jumping up and down like a little girl at an Backstreet concert. the world needed John Clayton (or however you spell it) and yay that he's finally here. I soo loved those cop movies from the 80's like Lethal Weapon. They dont make shows like that anymore. So i was thinking what movie or movies are like the old 80's movies? If you can think of any please tell me cause i came up with nothing!
tootles for now